Divorce Ring

After the formal filing of the divorce “Complaint,” you may pursue restraining orders to prohibit your spouse from taking actions that may dissipate the marital assets.   If appropriate, you may also be able to go to court to ask for reasonable support during the pendency of the divorce proceedings.  Typically, the court will restrain both parties from physically abusing one another and/or the children.  The court may also issue orders providing for the custody and visitation of the children.  A full and frank consultation with your divorce attorney prior to the filing of the Complaint for Divorce is vital to making sure your case begins in a way that is both advantageous and beneficial to the children.

This process may last anywhere from a few months to several years. It may have many ups and downs. It may be petty and frustrating. It may empower you or make you feel as though you have absolutely no control. Even under the best of circumstances it will be traumatic and expensive. What is also amazing is that your adversary may not want to ever allow this process to end. The main determinant of how smoothly the process will go is the level of cooperation between the parties and their willingness to compromise. Family law lawyers can provide valuable counsel and objectivity in what can be emotionally charged situations. In my years of litigation, no two cases (or people) are alike.

Jamie L. Anderson dedicates her practice to representing families through the changes of a divorce or dissolution.  She has made herself one of Greene County’s most prominent matrimonial attorneys and will use her experience to secure your family, your finances and your future.  Jamie practice matrimonial law throughout the Miami Valley in the Greene, Montgomery, Clark, Miami, Warren, Fayette Domestic Relations and Juvenile Courts.  Contact Jamie L. Anderson at (937) 879-9542 or visit www.OhioDivorceAttorney.com to learn more.

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