Child Suppport

Establishing the Financial Support to Raise a Child

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Determining Child Support

We Plan Ahead So You Obtain a Fair Settlement.

It is my job to advise you about how to determine your income and to assure that your ex-spouse is revealing all of the sources of their income.  I will use the information you provide to shape a plan that we can use to obtain a fair settlement.  The proper determination of “income” will also be used to prepare an argument which will be presented to the court for determining “temporary orders.”  It is also important to understand when using a team of experts (detective, forensic accountants, tax specialists) may aid in preparing for divorce litigation.

The Child Support Guidelines are guidelines are the rules passed by the Ohio legislature which calculate child support orders based upon the financial circumstances of both parents. These guidelines are presumed under the law to be the correct. (R.C. 3119.03) Your attorney provides the information to the court which will allow it to set a child support amount. You may be able to find an Ohio child support calculator by searching the web, but be warned: THESE ON-LINE CALCULATORS ARE OFTEN WRONG! The Ohio basic child support schedule can be found at O.R.C. 3119.021.R.C. 3119.23 governs the factors which must be considered by the court in granting a deviation from the guidelines.

Child Support Payments

Ohio’s Child Support Default Rate is 70 Percent.

Do You Need Help Enforcing Payments?

Child Support Enforcement Agency.

You do not have to hire a Lawyer to work with the Child Support Enforcement Agency. Any family receiving public assistance qualifies for free services through CSEA.  Families that do not receive assistance can apply for services by filling out an application and paying a $1.00 application fee.  You can apply for service at your local CSEA office.

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support Payments

Need an increase or decrease in child support?

Changes can occur when both parties agree, or through a requested court hearing.

Do you think your child support obligation should be less than the child support guideline amount, or do you believe the child support you are receiving isn’t high enough in your case?  You may ask the court to consider a deviation from the guidelines.

A Deviation Can Alter Your Support Amount

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