Don't Listen to Your Soon to Be Ex

Be cautious with anything they tell you about the case or how the law works.

The only person you should accept and believe legal advice from during your divorce or any legal process is your attorney, and never your soon to be ex.  An attorney is the only person qualified and bound to provide you with the best legal advice for your best interests.

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Protect Yourself

Your soon to be Ex may try to intimidate you or trick you to help their case

Your soon to be ex may tell you his attorney said you can’t get anything, you’ll never see the kids, they won’t have to pay child support, they won’t have to pay spousal support, they don’t have to provide this or that, etc.  Some of the things people will say in a strained situation is amazing, and you are likely accustomed to it if you are ending a marriage with this person. However, some clients cannot help but allow these statements to affect their understanding of the process, and they become overwhelmed with anxiety and worry.

Do not listen to them, do not listen to them, do not listen to them!

This is Confidential Legal Information

Your soon to be ex is only hurting themselves if they are divulging information supposedly given to them during a confidential conversation with their attorney. This destroys attorney-client confidentiality, and could possibly open up the details of the conversation to be used in court.  This is also important to remember for yourself – never divulge confidential information or conversations you have with your attorney with a 3rd party! Confidentiality only works if the information is kept confidential!

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