Be Careful with Material Possessions

Curbside Pick-up: Not a Good Idea for Divorce.

Kicking your spouse to the curb – make sure you don’t put their stuff there.

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Great Idea for Movies. Not Good in Real Life.

Often in movies or commercials when couples split-up, the wife starts throwing all the husband’s stuff into the yard, or puts it in the trash.  While this is a funny scene in a commercial or movie, in reality it is not a good idea.  Of course you may feel anger at your soon to be ex for many reasons, but if you are contemplating divorce, throwing your spouse’s stuff out will only get you in trouble in court.

Once a complaint for divorce is filed, temporary restraining orders (TRO) go into place, securing marital property.   A TRO keeps both parties from emptying bank accounts, selling property, or disposing of marital property in any way.  If a party does so, they can be held in contempt and could face time in jail, as well as having to reimburse the other party for the property.

I Know You are Mad.

So, I know you are mad.  I know that good for nothing so and so might deserve it, but just don’t do it.  Never put your ex’s belongings in trash bags and leave them outside for them to pick up.  Yes, you may have forgotten it was trash pick up day, but the judge will not find it as amusing as you do.

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