Advice from Friends & Family

A Divorce Case isn't the time for Free Advice from Family

Without the right advice, divorce is much more stressful than it needs to be. There are many paths you can take in your divorce process, I will listen to your situation and help you choose the right path.

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The Law isn't the same for all divorces

The Results of a Friend's Divorce Doesn't Reflect Your Potential Outcomes.

Divorce law is an area of the law governed by state specific laws.  Every state has different ways of separating marital property, determining custody, spousal and child support, and even what constitutes a legal marriage.  Some states allow same-sex marriage, others do not.  Some states recognize common-law marriage, but Ohio does not.

Your mother may offer her free legal advice by telling you what Cousin Lou got in his divorce, but what she does not know is the important details that matter in different states.  For example, Cousin Lou may have been divorced in California, a community property state, and it may be impossible in Ohio to have the same outcome, or you may be entitled to a better outcome.

Most attorneys, including myself, provide free consultations, so take advantage of the free legal advice.

Protect Yourself Legally

Check out the Ohio Bar Association’s “Law Facts Pamphlets” for general information on your divorce.

Finally, if you are represented by an attorney, what you must do is very simple – LISTEN TO YOUR ATTORNEY!  If you have a legal question – ask your attorney – NOT your friends who were just divorced.  If you are represented by an attorney, you are paying them for their legal expertise and advice, so use it.  If you have a legal question, you will not be bothering them by asking.  Any attorney would much rather their client ask them a question, than rely on the advice of others.  Remember, unqualified legal advice is BAD legal advice and can be dangerous!

There for you through the entire process.

I gives free consultations, guides you through your decisions, and I'm available for continued support after the divorce is over.

When You're Ready To Let Go

I'm a divorce attorney that cares. I guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

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