Divorce and Your Children

The Number ONE Priority

I understand. I come from a divorced home and remembers what it was like being a child during the process. My experience inspired me to become a Family Law attorney and it's why I advocate compassionate guidance. Children need to be put first in the divorce process for the happiest outcome for everyone. 

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Child Custody & Visitation

Going through a custody battle is a traumatic and heart-wrenching process. You must choose an attorney with whom you are completely comfortable.

Often, you will have to choose the better of two bad options and the only input you will have will be the experience and judgment of your counsel.

The Child Custody Process in Ohio

Allocations of parental rights and responsibilities formerly referred to as “custody” are made in all divorces, dissolutions, legal separations, and for unmarried parents where there are minor children that are not the subject of another court’s orders.

Child Support

Establishing the Financial Support to Raise a Child

  • Determining Child Support

    It is my job to advise you about how to determine your income and to assure that your ex-spouse is revealing all of the sources of their income. 

  • Child Support Payments

    Ohio’s Child Support Default Payment Rate is 70 Percent.  The Child Support Enforcement Agency can help you receive your payments. 

  • Need an increase or decrease in child support? Think Deviation

    Do you think your child support obligation should be less than the child support guideline amount, or do you believe the child support you are receiving isn’t high enough in your case?  You may ask the court to consider a deviation from the guidelines. Read the Guidelines. 

We Plan Ahead So You Obtain a Fair Settlement.

The Effects of Divorce on Children

Helping You and Your Children

Periods of change can cause a lot of stress. Take time to be mindful of your choices so you don't take actions in frustration that can hurt you legally.

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There for you through the entire process.

I gives free consultations, guides you through your decisions, and I'm available for continued support after the divorce is over.

When You're Ready To Let Go

I'm a divorce attorney that cares. I guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

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