dissolutionWhen to Choose Divorce (Instead of Dissolution)

Dissolution can be a great way to terminate a marriage, while keeping costs low, but it is not recommended in all situations.  Divorce should be the process pursued instead of divorce in the following situations:

  1. A party needs immediate relief from the court;
  2. A party is absent from the jurisdiction (and unable to negotiate) or a party is unwilling to negotiate;
  3. When there is significant concern a party is hiding assets; and
  4. When certain custody issues or concerns are present.

A divorce action is required when custody issues or concerns involving  a party threatening to remove children from the court’s jurisdiction, withholding visitation, or threatening to harm the party or the party’s children.

The best way to determine if a dissolution is the right choice for you is by speaking with a qualified, experienced, Ohio licensed attorney.  Contact me, Ohio Divorce Attorney, Jamie L. Anderson, for a free consultation today at (937)879-9542.