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Domestic Violence

Free Legal Advice: Don’t Listen to It!

DANGER, DANGER! – Free legal advice can cost you a lot! When you have problems in your life you likely talk it out with your friends and family.  However, for legal advice you should only be seeking the advice of a licensed attorney in Ohio.  Attorneys often offer free legal advice about divorce and other legal…

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Divorce and Safety Issues: Domestic Violence

  Get Help and Get Your Life Back – Don’t let domestic violence continue another day! If you find yourself in an abusive relationship, GET OUT! Call 911! Call a friend! Call anyone who will help you! Do whatever it takes to get away from your abuser. Domestic violence is a crime that destroys families today…

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Ohio Divorce Attorney: What Do You Do?

A few years ago the only place that an attorney could advertise was the phone book.  Most attorneys chose to make the most of the ad space by publishing a “panel” of services they provided.  This list of services is going the way of the horse whip, but you still see it occasionally on web…

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10 Commandments of Divorce Court

1. Thou shalt not bring your child to divorce court. The ultimate interest of the divorce court is the best interest of the child.  Unless it is requested by the divorce court, bringing your child to the court with you is not in the best interest of the child.  Children do not need to be…

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Stalking or Sexually Oriented Offense Protection Order (SSOOPO)

If you or a family member fear for your safety because you are being threatened with harm, followed, or harassed by a person (relative or stranger), you can apply for a Stalking or Sexually Oriented Offense Protection Order (hereinafter SSOOPO).  The governing statute for a Stalking or Sexually Oriented Offense Protection Order is Ohio Revised Code…

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