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Visitation Rights – Answers to Common Questions

visitation rightsIn Ohio, each county has a “standard parenting time” schedule to determine visitation rights.  This schedule is used as the starting point and provides the parties with an idea of what the court would do with visitation absent evidence overcoming the presumption.  Visitation can only be determined by the courts.  A court may order a parenting time schedule with terms and conditions that vary from the standard schedule.

If your case involves allegations of child abuse or domestic violence the court will often restrict the visitation rights of the abusive parent.  In addition, the  court may order supervised visitation, designating specific pick-up and drop-off points, prohibiting the parent’s consumption of alcohol or legal drugs during visitation periods, requiring the abusive parent to attend parenting classes or counseling, or prohibiting the parent from taking the children out of state.

If a parent is unable or unwilling to cooperate with visitation, their actions  may trigger a court contempt action against that parent. Such interference is also a “best interest of the child” factor that the court must consider in determining which parent should be awarded custody in any future child custody or custody modification proceedings.

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